Why top online casinos are UK licensed?

blackjackWith people being increasingly aware about the possible dangers of surfing the net online, gaming operators have shaped up to ensure their players’ trust. There is identity theft and phishing, viruses and more lurking out there on the World Wide Web, and it’s no wonder that players are looking for safe sites to deposit their hard earned cash on. One sure way of finding a reliable site would be to play at a top online casino for real money sites. One thing to look for is whether or not they are regulated by a trustworthy jurisdiction. The first ever online casino was operated from Aruba, which we can warn any potential player against. More and more European countries such as France, UK, Denmark and Italy have decided that the online gaming boom cannot be ignored and taken it upon themselves to regulate this messy industry.

The UK gambling commission has been the driving force behind fully licensing and regulating the UK gaming sites, and backed by GamCare and other interest groups, they have successfully consolidated the once “wild west” industry that is online gambling. Now UK citizens can trust that the sites they play on are monitored and safe to play at. Playing online casino for real money has never been safer, we are happy to report. The once juvenile industry has grown up and nowadays it’s a no-brainer to check whether your favourite gaming site is regulated or not. This information is obligatory and always to be found on any serious gaming operator’s website. Malta, Cyprus and Alderney are other examples of quality gaming laws, and have been role models for the countries that followed suit.

The best way to find good UK licenced casinos, betting or poker-sites online, is to search for their regulatory body which is featured on their websites. If the jurisdiction cannot be found on their page, you should not register for a player’s account with them. A whole world of games awaits and now that they are regulated in the UK, they can be enjoyed sensibly and safely.

Your transactions and personal data are safe, and you do not have to worry about viruses on your PC, as the gaming operators have the most powerful firewalls equalled only by those of credit card companies and the NSA. Once the UK decided to regulate the industry, most of the known and trusted names such as Gala, Ladbrokes and William Hill could return to the UK from jurisdictions such as dominantly Malta and Gibraltar.

Another factor to consider from a historical perspective is that many of the oldest and most reputable bookmakers originated in the UK, offering all manner of bets that the public may be willing to place their money on.